Legitimate Vape

Santa made an early delivery to me, and I got a vaporizer! Mostly because I picked up a head cold, and was coughing too much to smoke actual smoke. But now I can still toke the toke! har-dee-har…

I’m horrible at saving money because I get a good “retail high”, I call it, from acquiring new things. And I’m talking actual shopping; clothes, electronics, sport stuff, etc. any purchase at all. I admit it’s a problem, and it hurts, because I never have enough to buy something of quality. Santa knows this. (He’s the head of the NSA.) And instead of getting an already completed packaged vaper, I got a component set, and I love it! All the parts are quality, but if something breaks, I can afford to replace one part for another quality part, instead of blowing money on complete poorly-made vapers that look cool and not much else.┬áThe component set up was fun for me to assemble, but not easy. I like getting to see the inner components and workings. I’m sure not every novice vaper-er has the patience to sit and mess around with parts for an hour like I did though.

I like Snoop Dogg’s new line of vaper sets… the G Pen he calls it. The aesthetics are slick, no question there, and it’s moderately priced compared with others like it. But as a middle-class chubby white male in the suburbs, I can’t help but feel a little phony using a vaper with a map of Long Beach covering the outside (not joking!) So be careful not to lose any profit by intimidating the wanna-be G’s, Snoop-a-loop!

What I really enjoy is how the public’s view of marijuana and marijuana users is changing to be more serious, albeit slowly. I use it is as a med, not a party favor, and it bothers me that I can’t go into the doctor’s office that prescribed it, and get instruction on how to use it. Forgive my skepticism of the online YouTube hippy wearing a lab coat, telling me what drug and how much to put inside me. I’m confident that will almost surely change within a… decade maybe? That’s my conservative estimate.

Here are some of my favorite perks of the vaper that I think help people take cannabis seriously: They’re so much more professional looking, thank goodness. It’s so nice to not have bong water sloshing around, stinking up the place, along with the real smoke. And I don’t have to get ridiculously named strains anymore, just the concentrate. Give me a break, I come out of a seizure disoriented, vomiting, smeared with dirt and my own blood, and I reach for my Scooby-Doo Sparkleberry Kush? Wrong. Anyway, my oh-so-humble opinion is that the benefits of the vaper far outweigh smoking a pipe. Like, REALLY far. Contact your local Santa or religious equivalent today!


The Missing Obesity Drug

(Warning: This is my first blog, which is really a “test blog”. So please don’t judge…yet.)

It’s surprising to me that there is no prescription drug (that I know of) to combat obesity. Wouldn’t that be a bazillion dollar venture in profit? Looking at ads for medications, I can tell that Americans are deeply concerned about erectile dysfunction, depression, diabetes side effects, sleep aids, cholesterol levels, etc. But what I see is an astonishing display of “treating the symptoms, not the cause”. The conditions I previously mentioned are certainly not trivial, but they can all be treated by losing extra weight.

More of a thought than a blog, I know…

See you next time!